J2 680

J2 680

The J2 680 provides retail businesses with the ultimate in integrated touch terminals.

From its processors, a combination of features rarely seen in one terminal, to its reliability, the J2 680 provides PoS users with a high-performing touch terminal that represents excellent value for money.

Not only does the zero-bezel design touch screen provide a modern look, but it also aids cleaning and keeps dust and spills away. The J2 all-in-the-head design allows the terminal to be mounted on a pole or wall via VESA mount, thus providing flexibility.

Hot-swappable RAID drives and options such as the SSD, built-in UPS, MSR, fingerprint reader and customer display, as well as the multiple mounting options, provide one of the most feature-rich EPoS terminals. 


Key Features:

    • Zero-bezel flat screen
    • Power USB and serial ports
    • True Flat Resistive or Multi-Touch Projective Capacitive touch technology
    • Secondary video port with HDMI support
    • RAID HDD (with the option to add a second 2.5 SATA 160GB hard drive)
    • Fanless Options
    • VESA mounting


20 January 2020


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