OK Pos Z-9000

OK Pos Z-9000

Industry’s Premier POS Solution for Retailers, Z-9000
Z-POS is an upgraded model of i-POS, which has streamlined slim yet robust as i series. If you are considering of using point-of-sale component at the outdoor shop or food section, Z-POS is highly recommended as its compact size with water and dust proof function. This is strong enough to be maximized for any environment where watery and dusty.
The upgraded model of i-POS
succeeded to its stability
  • Mass storage memory and storage device : DDR3 2GB, SATA320GB 2.5” (5400RPM)
  • Eco friendly design with no noise and low heat
  • Reduced electricity power rate with 4W of ultra-low power consumption
  • LCD panel with water and dust proof function
  • Minimized board damage by applying separable power (AC adaptor)
  • Soft curve and high-glossy exterior


20 January 2020


Bar, Restaurant, Dessert Parlour, Pizza Takeaway, Fish & Chips