Aures Odysee

Aures Odysee

Odyssé is the first exclusive POSLIGNE® collection of integrated point-of-sale terminals with distinctively styled, colourful and contemporary lines. The unique ‘‘Clip’n Color’’ concept uses interchangeable polycarbonate colour clips located on the unit’s sides, touchscreen surround and integrated customer display, Odysée can change its colour to match retail stores’ brand image and visual identity as these evolve over time.

Combining design style and high performance, the one-of-a-kind Odyssé terminal incorporates the latest POS technologies (Intel P4 processor, RAID 0/1, RFID, Wi-Fi interface, SATA disk drives and more).

Key Features:

* 2 Colours for the CPU base and 9 interchangeable colour clips allow for 18 different colour configurations at the cash desk

* The very best in POS technology (P4, RAID 0/1, Wi-Fi, RFID, SATA disk drives)

* Integrated customer display

* Simplified maintenance (thumbscrews provide easy access to the motherboard and hard disk)

* Integrated power supply

* Wide range of coordinated "Clip'n Colour" peripherals


20 January 2020


Restaurant, Dry Cleaners, Dessert Parlour, Pizza Takeaway, Fish & Chips